IOU Some Robots!


Hello All,

Obviously I’ve fallen behind on my posting! I’ve been pretty good about making a robot a day, but haven’t been posting them…expect a flood soon.

I just once again lost about 30 minutes of writing due to leaving this window without saving, to try and find a photo to attach to said writing. So once again, even after waiting so long, you are all getting a lame, cursory post. Oh well, c’est la vie.

I hope you enjoy the FolkBot, at least. This is one I’m planning on sitting out in the elements, in order to get a nice patina on it; so consider this the “before” photo.






Robot A Day April 9

Well, in my typical A.D.D. way, I’ve managed to fall behind on my blog! I’ve been making robots, but fell behind on posting them.

For April 9th’s robot, I present my latest Folkbot. He doesn’t have a name yet. This guy is actually the closest to the original conception I had for the Folkbot idea, in that the pieces I used to assemble him are more worn and weathered, rather than that look just being simulated. I really like the look of the weathered parts…what do you think?FolkbotBlogApril9