New Year, New Resolutions

Cloud, 2013. digital painting, Artrage for iPad
Cloud, 2013. digital painting, Artrage for iPad

A casual overview of this blog will reveal that I started out with insanely ambitious goals (30 Robots In 30 Days!), and spectacularly crashed and burned in short order. For those of you who live with ADD, or know someone who does, this scenario probably sounds familiar. The long wait for the next post doubtless comes as no surprise to the initiated, either.
But, it’s a new year now – time to start fresh, to set new goals, to embark on yet another brave and foolish quest for World Domination!
I mentioned resolutions in the title of this post, but I don’t do resolutions anymore. My ADD guaranteed a reliably depressing outcome for any past attempts, and I don’t see any point in a ritual that inevitably leads to despairing over one’s failures and shortcomings.
My New Age-y, pagan-ish sister does “intentions” for the new year rather than resolutions. I like the sound of that a lot better… it doesn’t come across as so Legally Binding. I find it a lot more pleasant to focus on my intentions, rather than trying to live up to my resolutions. Sure, it’s all just semantics, but it seems like less of a chore.
So here, forthwith, are my intentions for the new year:
-Do More Art
Rather than waiting for the Muse to visit, I want to schedule time every week to get into the studio and work. Perhaps I will be able to focus my approach even further, but I want to achieve at least this practice.
-Get It Out There
I am currently working on getting some of my work posted to my Facebook artist page, Davenik Art, in preparation for applying to some local venues to show and sell my art. I also want to look into trying a few art fairs and festivals.
-Talk About It
I want to get back to using this blog as a platform to talk about my art, and my adventures as a struggling artist. Since it’s also a blog about living with ADD, expect plenty of interesting tangents and wanderings off the path!
Well, I guess that’s a good enough start. I hope to see you again soon! Feel free to share your ambitions for the new year in the comments section…