Robot A Day April 7


Here’s my contribution for today. I put my HaHa Toys chrome High Wheel Robot into my softbox and hit it with some colored lights, then took a few photos. This is actually a combination of two different exposures, one that had the crazy color I wanted, and another that had better detail. It’s the first step of a project I’ve been thinking about for a while – I actually purchased this robot specifically for this purpose (ummm, and to add another robot to my mighty robot army in progress!).

My eventual goal for this project is to get a spiffy psychedelically lit image to use as source material for a vector art project. For you who are wondering what in the world that is, it’s basically a way of making an image that can be reproduced at any scale without losing any detail.

If you’ve ever tried to blow up a tiny digital photo, only to see it come out all blocky and chunky, then you have seen the limitations of pixel-based art. All of your digital photos are composed of tiny little squares of color…if you blow them up, the squares get bigger and bigger, until they become very obvious and distracting.

When you make a piece of vector-based art, the computer basically comes up with a mathematical formula for your image. you then tell the computer what size to make the image, and what resolution (how many pixels to use), and it does all the dirty work for you. The end result is that your image will look just as crisp and clean blown up to billboard size as it does when you print it out on your home printer.

If you imagine an image like this one printed out so the robot is about the size of an average human being, you’ll get an idea of the end goal of this project. Pretty sweet, huh?


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