Robot A Day April 6


Does this guy look familiar? He’s been through some changes since you saw him last. Still have a way to go; now you’re getting a little peek into the mechanics of obsession. Countless times I’ve had pieces where my friends were saying, “Stop messing with it! It looks great!”, but to me it wasn’t…quite…there yet. You artists know what I’m talking about – it’s a very blurry line between taking it there and taking it too far. Sometimes you only see the line after you’ve already crossed it.

That’s one of the beauties of working digitally…there’s no “original” to destroy by overworking. You can save a version at any point in the process, then open a copy and work it to your heart’s content without worrying about sacrificing all the work you’ve invested. It really takes the pressure off.

This will be the last appearance of this fellow in the Robot A Day challenge – time to move on to something fresh. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject – can you remember a piece that you feel like you didn’t take quite far enough, or one that you ruined by working too hard? Artists other than visual are also welcome to respond!

This robot was inspired by the Strenco robots produced in Germany starting in the late 1950s (if I remember correctly). It is not intended to be a faithful reproduction; if this were a movie, it’d be one of those “inspired by a true story” ones. 🙂


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