April Robot-A-Day Challenge!

Well, I’ve tried a few test posts – now it’s time to start this blog for real!

I just lost about a half hour’s worth of writing by hitting the refresh button in an untimely manner. It was a little about me, and how and why I came to be writing this blog. It looks like that story will have to wait for another time, as it’s almost 2 AM, which is generally when I turn in for the night.

This program is also not playing well with my iPad, and doesn’t like it when I move the cursor around when trying to correct and edit things, so I’m keeping this post short and sweet. I promise that further posts will be far more witty and scintillating, with probable snarky asides about software and hardware :).

I’m planning on this being mostly a blog about art, peppered with many ADD-driven side excursions into whatever other subject might have my attention at the time.

but seriously, this interface is starting to piss me off! Now I have to save a draft any time I want to move the cursor at all. Soooooo, long story short…

Artist. Blog. Need motivation to post. Committing to one piece of robot art per day for the month of April.

here’s my robot for April1:

Folkbot 2

April Fools! I can’t get to the photo of the actual robot from my Folkbot series,(it’s number 6), so here’s Folkbot number 2 holding his place.

speaking of number two, here’s my contribution for April 2:


OK, enough of wrestling with this beast. I’m hitting the hay. Stay tuned to this space for a robot a day!


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